Free: Branding for Non-profits

Non-for-profit brands that work with marginalised groups, the environment, in healthcare – they need branding, too. Because they move in the marketplace and compete for talent, time and sponsorship money. Here’s a new idea to build and support their brands – for free.

The idea is simple:

First there are the Non-Profits with a need. They need to look at their positioning, and how they can best gather the support they need. They need to understand the market and their target groups (Brand Audit), develop a relevant, differentiated and credible positioning (Brand Positioning), look at how that positioning is expressed in every point where the target meets the brand (Touchpoint Management), how it translates through their own people (Internal Branding) and into communication with the outside world (Brand Communication). If they were to engage a brand consultancy, project costs would not be cheap.

This is where we come in: We’re happy to work with Non-Profits (as we have done in the past, from local organisations for the differently abled to global charitable organisations), to share our expertise. This will take time and man-power, but since we believe in this cause, we’re happy to cut our fee by 50%.

So it’s not completely free for the Non-Profits? It is – we’re calling out to MNCs or bigger SMEs that are active in Asia and are looking for Corporate Social Responsibility-activities, to protect their own brand, to give back, and to forge relationships beyond the day-to-day of the business. By supporting a Non-Profit Branding Project they help the organisation to help itself, enabling it to build a better, more relevant brand that will grow and reach out to more people. The money spent is not just charity: It will create value and – in a small way – make Singapore and this region a little bit better, fairer, more inclusive.

If you’re an MNC or SME that wants to help a Non-Profit brand in Singapore and the region, drop us a note.