Arsalan Ali

Managing Director


Arsalan loves brands, and is also a foodie and enjoys trying different restaurants and cuisines all over the world. In addition, he’s passionate about sports, being a die hard Yankees, Knicks, Niners and United fan.

Arsalan spent eleven years at two advertising agencies in the US in account management working with Fortune 500 clients. He grew up in London, acquired his Bachelor’s degree from Ohio, USA, worked in New York City for nine years, spent the next two years in California establishing & developing the West coast clientele for Miller Advertising Agency, before moving to Singapore in 2007.

Arsalan brings to JDG extensive experience with strategic planning, project & campaign management, and managerial & operational expertise. His past roles have included Director of Client Operations for Monster Worldwide in New York, Managing Director for Miller Advertising Agency in New York & California, and Chief Operating Officer for Tomnay Noble in Singapore. Currently, Arsalan is based in Singapore and New York.

Alex Lian

Managing Director


Alex loves brands, and in his spare time enjoys bowling and eating French fries.

Alex has been in the industry since 2003 and was part of the BBDO Asia Pacific team based out of Hong Kong.

Alex was born in Singapore and graduated from the Singapore Management University. He has worked in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. His early years in life and his work path enabled him to be exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles. Alex speaks 6 different languages and has worked on clients like HSBC, Fedex and Visa and is based in China.

Maxmillian Mak

Managing Director

Hong Kong

Max loves brands, and is highly passionate about interior design and discovering trendy furniture shops.

Having worked on both sides of the marketing industry as a client and in account management, Max brings with him skills not only in planning and executing communication campaigns, but also in developing and implementing marketing programs designed to meet specific business objectives.

Max has formed his career around building a comprehensive portfolio in the different facets of marketing – covering advertising, direct marketing, event management, segmentation marketing, and corporate communication. Since he first joined the advertising industry in 1994, Max has gained experience working with many market leaders both globally and locally, including 7-Eleven, MTR, PCCW, FedEx and Visa. He has also been in charge of branding projects for organizations in the private and public sectors, including the Trade Development Council of Hong Kong. Max is based in Hong Kong.

Term Shon

Managing Director


Term loves brand and in his spare time, enjoys watching movies and listening to classical music.

Term Shon, born in Seoul, Korea, has worked in Advertising, Branding and Communication for over ten years, in Europe and Asia, both on the client- and agency-side. His in-depth knowledge of both cultures provides excellent insights in to the respective markets. He teaches Advertising and Visual Communication in Seoul, Korea, and has also supported cultural exchange programs between Germany and Korea. Term is based in Berlin and Seoul.

Chris Aguilar

Managing Director


Chris loves brands, social media and outdoor sports.

Chris Aguilar is a Social Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in managing sales and marketing teams, image enhancement, promotions, branding, and public and community relations. He has worked as both a consultant and program director for numerous NGOs and non-profits in Southeast Asia, helping them to develop their public image and to raise support and awareness for their projects.

He is also a board member and project manager for several foundations and will always has a soft spot for championing the cause of the underprivileged. As a serial intrapreneur he is always looking for ways to make things better. Chris is based in Manila, Philippines.

Havard Lillethun


Havard loves reading and learning new things, playing beach volleyball, writing, skiing and hiking. He is passionate about using branding, advertising and coaching to help companies or individuals bring to light the potential and possibilities that often lie dormant and that others otherwise may not see.

Havard Lillethun is Norwegian; he was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and grew up in Chicago and Geneva before moving to Bergen, Norway. He has lived the last 30 years in India, Nepal and Thailand.

His world travels and years of living in Asia have given him a unique understanding of and insight into Asian countries, their customs and culture. He is a certified trainer/coach, and has worked with several brands and especially international NGOs. His key strengths are communication, teaching, coaching, and connecting. Whether he is working with corporate executives or giving hope to a tsunami survivor, Havard has a knack for connecting and building trust.

Alan Lee

Junior Consultant


Alan loves brands, and
is a self-professed documentary photographer with a love for vintage cameras, electronic beats & steam dumplings. He occasional likes staring into blank spaces.

Alan graduated from the Royale Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing. Born in Singapore, Alan is passionate about brand management and thrives on blending creativity, compelling strategies and optimal project management. After working at a Singapore SME focusing on business development and project management, Alan joined JDG as a Junior Consultant and is based in Singapore.