Monthly Newsletter April 2009

Jörg Dietzel

Is Yours The (Next) Big Asian Brand?
Last year saw the development of “The Consultant”, my Channel NewsAsia- series on Branding in Asia.

Monthly Newsletter March 2009

Jörg Dietzel

Crisis observations
I feel a bit guilty as the steward serves me my toasted multigrain walnut sandwich with turkey plus a ginger ale before anybody else - this is budget after all. But then again he knows me, they all do, since we signed our corporate deal with Jetstar and I am using them on trips to Hong Kong and Manila, Jakarta and - today - Bangkok. We book online, and on longer flights I splurge on an extra 20 dollars for an exit row seat (13d, if you must know - you can still recline while row 12 can't), order my sandwich at the door and bring enough Monocle, Fast Company or Vanity Fair magazines to keep me busy for the flight.

Monthly Newsletter February 2009

Jörg Dietzel

My friend Kelley Cheng recently headlined her editorial in the latest issue of ISH (at newsstands now) with the words:

I like the sentiment and the attitude (and told her so in an SMS from Hong Kong): for once, no doom and gloom but a positive outlook.

Monthly Newsletter November 2008

Jörg Dietzel

How to use the Crisis for your brand

Yes, times are bad. We see bankruptcies, job losses, banks going bust. But every cloud has a silver lining, and here are six linings for your brand

Monthly Newsletter September 2008

Jörg Dietzel

Branding in times of crisis

Crises - besides everything else - have a nasty habit of taking over our lives and businesses. Everything else pales in comparison. And while this is understandable ("Apart from this, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs Lincoln?"), sometimes it pays to keep an eye on everything else that is going on - it may even help us weather the storm.

Monthly Newsletter August 2008

Jörg Dietzel

Plant a tree, father a son, write a book

I don’t know who came up with this ‘bucket-list for men’, and I am usually not in the habit of ticking boxes on other people’s To-do-lists. So I may have planted some trees over the past decades, have not fathered a son (as far as I’m aware), but yes, I have just written a book.