Monthly Newsletter February 2010

Jörg Dietzel

Our Favourite Brands (2/3)

Last time I wrote about how much fun it is to work with start-ups: the slate is clean, and we can get it right [on their behalf] from the start, from positioning to touchpoint management, people training [not many people around yet] down to logo and design. But start-ups often don't have the funds to look into branding, and funding by government sources is often limited to brands that have been around for a few years.

Monthly Newsletter December 2009

Jörg Dietzel

I was planning to continue my mini-series about the categories of brands that we work with [Part 2: SMEs], but a chat with a new friend I met at my Singapore Design Festival talk gave me another idea.

Monthly Newsletter November 2009

Jörg Dietzel

There are three main groups of clients/brands that we work for – I will start a mini-series of three to explain what we have to offer to each category:

Monthly Newsletter October 2009

Jörg Dietzel

The right time to brand is NOW
Crises are opportunities. We all know that. But not many of us manage to take advantage of this insight. Most are just happy to survive. Nevertheless, as we see some signs of the crisis abating globally, here are some opportunities that you might want to consider – all three for a limited time only:

Monthly Newsletter July 2009

Jörg Dietzel

Growing Against The Crisis: JDBC HONG KONG

It’s a tired stereotype, the Chinese characters for crisis: danger and opportunity. And still, we’re looking for opportunities where we can find them, go for business where we find it, and that may not always be close to our offices in Singapore and Jakarta.

Monthly Newsletter May 2009

Jörg Dietzel

What Consumers Want
The current global crisis impacts everybody, financially or at least psychologically. We change the way we consume, become more careful with spending money, postpone bigger investments. If it happens to you and me, it happens to the companies and consumers that are supposed to buy your product or service. How have they changed? And how do you need to react to those changes - in order to survive the crisis and get into pole position for the time after?