The Consultant

TV Programme on Channel NewsAsia

The show aired across Asia (in 21 markets) in August and was then repeated twice, later in the year. Interest was high and led to further talks and an interview on "Primetime Morning". Ratings for the show were 30% higher than usual for the prime time-segment. In 2009, the show was broadcast on Arirang in South Korea.

In 2006, Jorg put together the concept for a TV programme! that would look at Branding in Asia - how do International! brands make themselves relevant to local audiences, and what! up-and-coming local brands have what it takes to make it big?
In 2008, he travelled with a camera-team from Channel NewsAsia! to four markets in the region (Hong Kong, Jakarta, Saigon and! Singapore) to report on, interview and advise some of the hottest! brands in the region.