Social Media Monitoring

In 2009, two IT entrepreneurs approached Jorg Dietzel Group (JDG) to develop a brand positioning for their social media start-up, ThoughtBuzz. Like many online start-ups, both were passionate about tapping the potential of social media. While they possessed an ingenious business idea, the ability for brands to monitor social chatter, they required a compelling brand identity – one that would evoke trust and competency, and capture the essence of their offering.

The Solution

JDG carried out a series of interviews with key stakeholders, to gain insights on the importance of social media monitoring and the available market options. This was supplemented by extensive secondary research on current trends and market needs.

The findings were used to position ThoughtBuzz as the go-to guys for measuring online chatter and buzz. In doing so, the brand promise was created - Brands are able to obtain valuable social media insights fuss-free, without clutter.

On a functional level, based on the user-focused access and feature-rich system, ThoughtBuzz provided tailored Social Media sentiments and analysis.

By the same extension, this brand promise was translated into ThoughtBuzz’s corporate identity. A series of design assets were created; this included a Web Site, business cards, brochures, event booth, posters, an eDM, DM and print ad templates. JDG even helped create a promotional video to introduce ThoughtBuzz’s system as part of an awareness campaign.

JDG also assisted in identifying key target segments, providing specific recommendations on customer engagement to build brand awareness.

The Results

ThoughtBuzz’s consistent and well-defined identity, together with its product offerings, has been instrumental in helping it achieve more than 100% growth year on year.

JDG continues to remain involved on an on-going basis with ThoughtBuzz, assisting with strategic advisory, brand communications and marketing outreach as the brand expands regionally and globally.