KinderWorld Group


KinderWorld (KW) Group, which manages international schools across Vietnam, approached Jörg Dietzel Brand Consultants (JDG) in 2010 to develop a branding campaign for the KW Group as a whole and for their subsidiary brands.

KW Group manages 2 main categories of schools in Vietnam: KinderWorld International Kindergarten (KIK) for pre-school children, and Singapore International School (SIS), which covers primary and secondary education (Years 1-12).

Previously the schools managed by KW Group for Years 1-12 were under two names; UniWorld International School in Northern Vietnam and Singapore International School (SIS) in the South. Recently, KW Group merged the two brands, UniWorld and Singapore International School (SIS), under the Singapore International School (SIS) brand.

As such, KinderWorld needed direction on how to position the various brands under the KW umbrella in Vietnam, as well as to improve their brand awareness and image, in order to further grow and gain a larger market share.

The Solution

JDG first started with conducting extensive market research of the KW, KIK and SIS brands in Vietnam. Wanting to know how KinderWorld Group and their subsidiary brands were perceived in the eyes of consumers, JDG engaged parents of current students, internal staff and teachers, as well as parents of prospective students to gain insights on their perceptions of KW, its various sub-brands, and education in general.

The key findings of the research were that KinderWorld was well known and recognized for its world class education, but there were concerns that the “Singapore” image they portrayed translated into a more results-oriented, and thus stressful, education for the children. As such, there was a need to re-position KW and its subsidiary brands as more international, without losing its Eastern heritage to be in line with their tagline – “Eastern Values, Western Education”.

JDG also evaluated the brands’ logos and Corporate Identity (C.I.). In finding that they were inconsistent with the new brand positioning, JDG developed brand assets for the KW, KIK and SIS brands, which included business cards, brochures and envelope templates. As their web sites are vital components of brand communication for the KW Group, being the main touchpoints from which parents of prospective students make their first impressions, separate web sites for both KIK and SIS were also be developed to ensure total alignment with the new brand positioning.

JDG also conducted an internal branding workshop, to communicate the new brand architecture and positioning to staff and teachers. This was to ensure that the brand is consistently communicated across all touchpoints. The internal branding workshop was conducted by Jörg himself, along with two trainers.

Once the new brand architecture and positioning had been communicated internally, JDG recommended that KW embark on a nationwide campaign across Vietnam to communicate the new brand architecture and positioning.

The Results

Armed with their new positioning, updated brand assets, and staff members that are trained to live the brand consistently, KinderWorld now has a well defined brand that is representative of who it is and what it wants to be. With the new brand assets currently being rolled out (Q3/Q4 2011), they have improved external awareness and perceptions of their brands, which will help them achieve further growth and to expand their operations across the globe.