In 1995, Audi was working with different independent agencies around the world. The client felt that synergy and a more consistent brand positioning could be achieved by having a global network of branding and communication agencies. Not wanting to change and appoint an existing agency network, the client appointed Jörg and asked him to forge a network out of the existing agencies.

Then again in 2006, Audi Singapore called in Jörg to establish an understanding of the decision criteria for car-buyers in Singapore and of perceptions of the Audi brand; in order to assist in their Brand strategy.

The Solution

Audi Agency Network (AAN) - Jörg founded the AAN, which consisted of all Audi agencies worldwide. He created structures where there would be one common brief from the client, the strategic planners from the five volume markets would develop a common creative brief and the agencies would develop strategies and campaign ideas independently. A creative committee, chaired by Jörg, would select the best three campaign ideas and Jörg would present them to the global client without revealing the source. The chosen campaign would be adapted to local needs and run locally, sometimes with one or two variations.

Audi Singapore - Research that was developed and commissioned by Jörg and his team revealed a few perception gaps for Audi, namely in the areas of knowledge, perception and prestige – based on the brand’s history in the market and on how Singaporeans view their cars. Over the next five years, Jörg helped Audi Singapore to develop a strategy that over time (through car launches, a 100-year-campaign and sponsorships of events like the Audi Fashion Festival).

The Results

Audi Agency Network (AAN) - The result was that after three years, when Jörg was appointed to run DDB China, there was a consistent brand positioning of Audi globally, and investment had been greatly reduced by producing common work across markets.

Audi Singapore - Through the various marketing outreach and campaigns, Jorg helped Audi Singapore increase its prestige perception as well as sales figures over time. Jörg is still advising the brand strategically and is also responsible for the Singapore edition of the Audi Magazine, catering to local tastes and topics.