We love brands – we define/redefine them and help them to differentiate and be engaging, whether local or international, B2B or B2C, new or old. So how do we do it?

Step 1

Brand Audit

First, we conduct a Brand Audit, to find out what you and your customers want, need, think and feel, about your brand, about your competitors. We identify who to engage, how to engage with them, and what questions to ask so that we can uncover what's going on in the market, what are the awareness levels, perceptions, and decision making criteria of your customers.

Step 2

Brand Positioning

Using the insights gained from the Brand Audit, we then develop a unique Positioning for your brand. We identify your strengths (and weaknesses), and express the strengths as an emotionally believable and commercially deliverable promise so that your customers always know what they are getting when they consume your brand.

Step 3

Touchpoint Management

We then look at key touchpoints, points where your brand interacts with your customers, and develop behavioral guidelines so that you and your staff are fully aware of how to represent the brand in alignment with the Positioning.

Step 4

Brand Assets

As a next step, we look at your design assets — your logo, corporate identity, web site, brochure, direct mail and eDMs, print and online ads, etc. — and determine whether they need to be touched up or redesigned completely so that they accurately and consistently represent the Positioning that you are trying to achieve.

Step 5

Brand Communications

Now, the brand is defined, the guidelines are established and the design assets developed. We then look at external engagement for your customers. This step entails developing key messages to communicate to each customer segment, and media channels to use. Essentially, this serves as a blue print for developing marketing campaigns.

Step 6

Internal Branding

Finally, once we are done with everything, we ensure that there is a clear understanding of the new brand within the organization by carrying out training workshops for key staff members so that everyone internally knows how to "live the brand."